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So the eclipse happened a week ago now. My feed was filled with All The Big Things that folks Spirit Guides have told them to do. Train for a marathon. Open the Business. Write the Book. Mine? The meditation that … Continue reading

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Jacarandas In Bloom

Here’s a post from 2004 & the last time I was in Santa Barbara when the jacaranda’s were blooming. It brought back this sweet memory & the realization that some of this is still up in my life & that … Continue reading

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Ode to Orange

The sweetness of carrot halva, Aphrodite’s nectar, The tangy tangerine, puckering the edges of my jaw The luscious ripe persimmon slathered upon my chin While watching a fiery sunset.   Magnificent mangos Jellybean carnelians Iridescent opals The creamy papaya Cool … Continue reading

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Back to the Drawing Board

Woke up this at 5 a.m. this morning humming “Patti Digh is Coming to Town” (to the tune of Bruce Springsteen singing about Santa Claus). Worried that I’ve been doing it “wrong” & it is only 10 days away from … Continue reading

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