Day 1

Day 1, need to figure out how to embed this picture so it is part of the blog. Done is better than perfect.

Kats Collage pic 2012 02 07 Showing up Ordinary

When I show up ordinary, it is pink & bumpy & raw. I dance with my shadow at the ocean’s edge. My head is exploding unable to keep a lid on it all. Crooked teeth in my radiant smile, unguarded & unself-conscious, mouth agape with the filter off, sharing the pain, the brilliance, the baffling amazement of life itself. There is beauty in the bumps, knots & even the green slime of uncensored emotion. I am a beautiful mess.


About Kat Alessi

Twinkling Pixie Fairy. Cat herder. Believer in bliss, magic, grace and earthbound angels. Katalyst for change and transformation. Singer of random songs, sometime even on key. Able to talk, cook and eat food for hours.
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