Back to the Drawing Board

Woke up this at 5 a.m. this morning humming “Patti Digh is Coming to Town” (to the tune of Bruce Springsteen singing about Santa Claus). Worried that I’ve been doing it “wrong” & it is only 10 days away from the workshop that she is presenting & how I wished I had worked with one of her books for 37 Days before she got here. Eventually the brain wakes up & realize she’ll be here in March not February. Woo hoo! 39 days before she arrives!

Started again with the book “Creative is a Verb”. What I am committing to publicly: to show up for myself creatively & play at least one hour a day. Since I have 39 days, I am giving myself 2 free days since we are moving between now & then.

I’m not committing to posting it online daily, but I might. I’ll tweet my accountability. I’m not committing to it being pretty, sellable, or fit for public consumption. Any form of tangible output works, could be earrings or writing or collage or whatever arts supplies I haven’t packed yet.

I’m just committing to show up for the 8-year old artist that needs permission to play. That eight-year-old girl got sat in the corner until she did all 100 sets of her times tables. Over & over again. As an adult I still feel that it is more important or responsible or grown up or whatever to do bookkeeping over crafting. Taxes and 1099’s will pay the bills not stamping forks. I’m still punishing that dear Kathy for wanting to play when she has work to do. Enough.

It is time to play again & do the things that bring me bliss.


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