The enigma of enough

It is a word, it is a sentence

It is Enough

Sometimes this sentence is an ending

An exclamation of tolerance

“I’ve had enough” is the cry of the battered woman leaving

“Enough” is the shout of the beleaguered parent,

It is the plea to end the battles, the pursuit to end the war

An expression of the exhausted soul

When I’ve had enough of the bullshit it time to go;

It is an action

Enough is the point between

When the time is right and the fruit is ripe

Puckery persimmon and brown banana

The perfection between raw and burnt

where the baked brownie is slides out of the pan so easily.

It is being satiated

Neither starving nor stuffed

Between anorexia and obesity

It is the glass that quenches your thirst without having to clean up the overflow

Enough is balance

Between scarcity and surplus

The exquisite equilibrium of the tightrope walker

Between drought and flood

The temperature between heater and AC; goose bumps and sweat

It is the moment of giving up the struggle

Flowing with the river rather than paddling upstream or speeding by in a powerboat

Enough is the ending of an era, the beginning of life.

It is when one stops waiting for outside approval and recognizes their own inherent worth.

Both the time to start and stop.

Enough is the place of grace

A prayer

A hope

A plea

There is the moment to embrace that delicate awareness of

I know enough


I am enough

I have enough

There is enough


I know how to pray enough, I’ve read enough books, taken enough classes


I am loving, smart, pretty, witty, doing enough


I have enough joy, money, room, energy


There is enough love

There is enough energy

There is enough money

There is enough time

No matter what

Both a private epiphany and a social awareness.

Enough is recognizing

We are one

On this planet together

It is sharing resources, everyone gets something

Redistribution between the rock bottom poor and the over opulent rich.

Deciding there is enough by

Feeding the hungry

Adopting the orphans

Giving shelter to the homeless

Nurturing our feeble

Healing the wounded

Acknowledging the faceless

Enough already,

I know about enough.

Yet with all of this awareness

There lingers a fear

Whisper of doubt

That enough isn’t really enough

and more is needed

So I sit in prayer and mediation


                                                        I have enough faith.


About Kat Alessi

Twinkling Pixie Fairy. Cat herder. Believer in bliss, magic, grace and earthbound angels. Katalyst for change and transformation. Singer of random songs, sometime even on key. Able to talk, cook and eat food for hours.
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