So Begins the Journey

“So begins the journey, the journey into this heart of mine”*

This is my official first blog post. While I have sent out newsletters on yahoo groups, posted notes in Facebook & even set up a website (now defunct), this is my first foray into the blogosphere. Tweeting just seems to succinct for me; I prefer to write like I walk. While I am capable of getting on the treadmill & cranking out a few miles; when I say I am going for a walk it means that I meander around the lake, taking note of the birds, saying hi to dogs on leashes, smelling flowers and stopping to listen to the dragonfly hovering nearby.

I write because it is as compelling as eating, breathing, and sleeping, as if it is another bodily function. I write because to keep this inside me sometimes feels as uncomfortable painful if I am holding in my bladder. I once went 18 months without sex, yet my writing woke me up at 4 am for a year and wouldn’t go back to sleep till it poured out into a notebook. I jot down my dreams, cry over artist pages, journal, keep lists, post to fb, scribble on scraps of paper, memo it on my phone or compose papers daily, if nothing else to write about my love for the thick thirsty paper & having the juicy black pen. To deny the muse is to deny my soul.

I write because I have to.

I share my writings sometimes, not from ego or to earn my bread but to understand and to be understood, to share the struggles and triumphs over life, and to whisper to the others around me “we are not alone.”

These days I am journaling a lot on the concept of spiritual authority. Over the centuries folks have looked to priests & elders to define one’s connection with God, direct conversation was discouraged, it was taught that an intermediary was required for spiritual intersession.

It really has been over the past forty years or so that individuals have taken God into their own hands, choosing titles beyond the word God – Goddess, Higher Power, Spirit Divine, Infinite One and The Universe are some terms I have heard. There has been a saying floating around for a decade or two “Spiritual not Religious”. It is about creating our own connection with the Divine. There has been an evolution from the 90’s when many of us sat in 12 step meetings with the 11th step: “Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God, as we understood Him”. I’m quoting now, I don’t necessarily use the male pronoun for God, but that is another post.

Much of what I will be exploring will be everyday acts of grace  and how we marry the mundane with the profane. How simple acts such as weeding can take me to the a deeper realization of what needs to be weeded out of my consciousness.

I invite those reading to grab a cup of tea & sit with me to dialogue about life & what going on.

*Mary Dolan Lyrics


About Kat Alessi

Twinkling Pixie Fairy. Cat herder. Believer in bliss, magic, grace and earthbound angels. Katalyst for change and transformation. Singer of random songs, sometime even on key. Able to talk, cook and eat food for hours.
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7 Responses to So Begins the Journey

  1. Kirstin says:

    LOVE IT!! You’re Awesome. 🙂


  2. Sue Doyle says:

    Ahh….I so relate, sounds like an awesome blog Kat! I have my cup of coffee ready!!! Looking forward to all of the above!!!


  3. laura says:

    I’m really looking forward to reading more of your blogs!


  4. Karima Robinson says:

    Well Done!


  5. laura jones says:

    I love it… Creative flow is life force flow and I thank you for being a beacon of life in a hectic and ‘you are what you do’ kind of world. Got my beverage of choice (right now lemon water chilled) and looking forward to more dancing with muses.


  6. Becky Guufey says:

    I have always enjoyed and been inspired by your writing, Kat. I’ll not easily forget the profound effect of knowing you has had on the direction of my path. Thank you!


  7. Carla C. says:

    Once again Kat you have amazed us with a new adventure! And yet, it has been you all along. Congrats! I am very happy for you!


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